It’s the one year anniversary of this blog and to celebrate, I’ve deleted all my previous posts because they were shit. 

The last 12 months have been a learning experience. I have been on a constant anxiety/depression roller coaster and I was up and down in every post. It was hard for me to reread them.

Although some may say I should have kept the old posts as they document my thinking and feelings about issues at the time, I felt like they were holding me back. Tying me down to a way of thinking that doesn’t serve me anymore.

I’ve experienced huge shifts in my life and in my thinking in the last 2 years. Although a major part of that time has been dealing with anxiety and depression, it’s also involved a quest for finding myself, letting expectations of life and the worlds expectations of me go, simplifying and acceptance.

I’m not “there” yet and I don’t expect I ever will. I’ve learnt enough in these last few years to know that I am evolving and I hope to continue to evolve for the rest of my life.

So, lessons learnt from the past. What’s in store for the future? Hopefully, better content in the blog for a start. I feel a sense of relief that the old posts have been binned. The slate has been wiped clean. Time to get up and have another go.